Friday, May 25, 2012

Review: This Pen for Hire (#1)

Summary: Jaine Austen writes for a living. Well, personal ads, brochures, and in Howard Murdoch's case, love letters. That is until the letter that Jaine writes connects geeky Murdoch to the murder of Stacy Lawrence, hot aerobic instructor. In her heart of hearts Jaine knows Murdoch isn't the killer and sets off to figure out who really did. With the help of a new friend and threats on her life, can Jaine find the real killer before she's next?

Review: A fun and witty novel that is as entertaining as it is quick to read. Set in trendy, plastic LA Levine dances the line between outrageous and down to earth magnificently. Readers will instantly fall in love with Jaine's best friend and her cat, Prozac. Perfect for an afternoon pleasure lounging on the beach or just snuggled on the couch on a rainy day. Either way, This Pen for Hire blends mystery and chick-lit with ease for our enjoyment.

Austen fans, beware. The only thing linking the two is the misspelled name.

Formats: e-bookmass market

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