Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Review: Jane Austen's Guide to Happily Ever After

Summary: Using Austen's books, characters, and real life as a guidebook, Kantor has created an amusing, no-nonsense way to raise women's awareness of honoring oneself and cherishing those around her.

Review: While I found the tips to be delightfully inspiring (if not self-explanatory), what I found most enjoyable was the character analysis. Kanton's way of describing Austen's characters, their worlds, and manner of livelihood was almost like reading a non-fiction fan-fiction. For me, it opened a whole new way to experience Austen, and has forever changed my perception on many of my favorite characters. If anyone is a fan of Austen -- single or coupled -- I would recommend a gander!

Formats: e-book, hardcover

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  1. Sounds so cute. And how can I not adore that cover?

    1. To be fair, the cover was a major reason why I picked the book up!