Monday, October 15, 2012

Quote It!: Diary of a Submissive

"It felt like a whole new world full of people who knew each other and were talking a language that I didn't quite grasp, with many using an elaborate form of pronouns (always capitalized for dominant, always lowercase for submissive no matter whether it was the start of the sentence or the word 'I'), which I found rediculous. I decided quickly that committing crimes against grammar was a hard limit for me."

Oohhh boy. In the sea of things described in this book this bit was too funny to pass up. Never mind that a chapter after this my face contorted in shock and puzzlement. If I were a daintier woman, I may have fainted.

Question of Note: What is something you will not, absolutely, stand for?


  1. Ha! Nice :)

    Fainted? Wow. That says quite a bit.

    Something I won't stand for? In lit or life? In lit I can't stand reading about stuff happening to kids. In life, liars and downers.