Monday, February 11, 2013

Review: Learning to Love

Summary (from Goodreads)Sugar and Spice: Librarian Jayne Gilbert needs a man—a man she can bring to her high school reunion. She wants to prove to her former classmates that she isn't the lonely bookworm they predicted she'd become. So, naturally, Jayne turns to a book. It's called How to Pick Up a Man. And it works, even if she attracts the attention of good-looking Riley Chambers only because she's carrying that book, not because she followed its advice!

Love by Degree: Going back to college, hitting the books. That's Ellen Cunningham's new life. But money's a little tight and she's lucky enough to find inexpensive lodging in a house with three young college boys. Ellen plays housemother, a situation that works for everyone—except Reed Morgan, the absentee owner. He's not pleased to find his house occupied by a bunch of college kids and Ellen. Especially Ellen

Review: Two easy reads in one book. Perfect for that summer afternoon by the pool or beach, or just relaxing on the couch when you need an escape from reality. The two matches have a lovely set-up, however, fall short and crumble towards the end. The overuse of possible "cheating," jealousy, and child-like snits that could all be resolved oh so easily if they just TALKED becomes tedious.

Formats: mass market

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