Friday, March 8, 2013

Book Review: Kundalini Meditation: The Path to Personal Transformation and Creativity

Summary (from Goodreads)Kundalini meditation unleashes the life force that exists in us all, allowing it to flow through each of the seven chakras. It's a hot trend that awakens our inspiration and insight; allays destructive anxieties and doubts; and helps us feel at one with the divine. This enlightening guide shows, in guided stages, how to become aware of the energy channels running along the spinal cord and which purification rituals, poses, positions, and breathing exercises open you up. Special guided meditations target common problems such as depression and anger.

Review: A thorough and easy introduction into Kundalini meditation, Kathryn McCuster has created a stellar book. The origin and history of Kundalini is included, broken up by pictures to avoid being dull. Informative and well written, “Kundalini Meditation” is perfect for the novice wanting to begin or expand their daily practice. Highly recommended!

Thank you Watkins Publishing Limited and NetGalley for an e-ARC. 

Formats: e-book, paperback

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